Let me share something about myself: I’m one of those if I’m telling you about it  and say you have to go and try this, it’s because I mean it! It means I’ve done/travelled/experienced whatever it is i’m chatting about and you to fucking try it!

So this really is a Thank Me Later Beauty scenario as Heather Nicole is skin changing!

Heather Nicole SkinCare

Heather Nicole

I have been seeing Heather for about 6 years and she is the reason I look 22 and radiant (if i may say so myself). She is part of my fantasy beauty team and you’ll be hearing about her often… Let me also add Heather has become a friend and confidante over the years, I don’t only go see her for treatments, we exchange stories and life advice. She has a remedy for most things and always shares her findings. She’s also happens to be a mega babe!

Not to mention her Skincare studio is in the coolest spot ever! It’s tucked away in a beautiful bungalow in Beverly Hills and back in the day it used to be Lionel Richie’s studio so you can feel those soulful, loving vibes resonate.

From the moment you are buzzed into her hidden oasis, you will feel a sense of relief as you enter this private haven. Just by walking through the Zen courtyard with the sound of the fountain, you start to feel a sense of comfort and relaxation as the aromatherapy calms your senses… Heather’s beauty sanctuary has five treatment rooms where you can literally spend the whole day doing a number of treatments. Anything from her Signature Facials, Detox Infrared Therapy, massages, body toning, stem cell therapy, nonsurgical face lifting, and acupuncture, there is always something to be done. Heather Nicole SkinCare

 As per Heather, your skin is an incredibly useful indicator in understanding what is internally happening with your body.  If your skin is acting up in specific areas, then it is a good indication there is a specific area in your body that needs to be looked at with great care.  Take a look at the “face map” to see where you can improve your body’s health!
Heather Nicole SkinCare
Heather meticulously studies each persons unique skin type and formulates a procedure that is exclusive to them.
So my first post about Heather is about the incredible Red Light Rejuvenation machine you can either use on it’s own or part of her customized facial treatments. It also works fab in combination with Botox and fillers, helping to maintain the effect of the treatment. Uh-Mazing.
I’m going to leave you wanting more so I won’t go into detail about the facial (that will be my next post), I’ll leave you with WHY HEATHER just takes everything one step further and why you want to lose your current facialist and go to her!
 It’s the machines she houses: The state of the art, ground breaking and scientifically proven treatments via this high tech equipment.
So about this Red Light:
 You see the thing is, as we grow older the amount of collagen diminishes. That then causes the skin to become less flexible and our skin becomes drier and thinner. These fun effects are then further intensified by the harmful UVA and UVB rays in sunlight. Yay!

Successfully restoring the skin overcomes the effects of time and exposure to the sun by stimulating the creation of new collagen and even aids the detoxification of the skin.

Heather Nicole SkinCare- Red Light

Pizza Sweater by Wildfox

Pure light….Pure science

A lot of this technical beauty lingo I found on Heather’s fancy site and also by following her on her socials TwitterInstagram and Facebook.

To give your skin the love it deserves, go see Heather, TRUST ME!
Request an appointment please call, email, or book below:
310.734.7954 | Info@heathernicoleskincare.com
Location: 9014 W. Olympic Blvd, Beverly Hills CA 90211

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