In all the excitement of the newest Star Wars movie: The Force Awakens (that has already grossed over 1 billion dollars in 12 days!), thought I would throw it back to a adidas Originals x Star Wars themed commercial from 2010 that I’m in.

To not sound like I’m self promoting (who me?????? hahaha) I’ll let tell ya about the 2010 FIFA World Cup commercial : 

A lightsaber-wielding Snoop Dogg and a droid-totting Daft Punk steal the show in this hilarious re-imagination of the Mos Eisley’s famous cantina scene from Episode IV.Ciara, Oasis’ Noel GallagherIan Brown of Stone Roses fame, soccer star David Beckham and actor Jay Baruchel all make cameos in this slick and imaginative commercial that’s worth repeated views, no matter what galaxy you’re from.

FIFA freaks, intergalactic geeks and pop-culture crazies all agree — Adidas’ ‘Star Wars’-themed World Cup ad is the year’s most awesome bit of promotional eye candy.

Now MAKE SURE NOT TO BLINK AT THE 0.50 mark as you will miss me!

You may not even recognize me as I have long hair with a middle parting (so unlike me! I’m a short/side parting kind of gal) but we had to stay true to the Tonnika sisters. Some Stars Wars trivia for you, these identical twins earned fame in the Mos Eisley Cantina when Luke Skywalker first met Han Solo.

Who’s seen the latest chapter “The Force Awakens”? Any thoughts on comments on it? I definitely need to go and see it, I’m not the biggest Star Wars fan but I do always enjoy the fantastic scenes and mega blockbuster affects in them. Plus i’m a sucker for Luke Skywalker and love me some Darth Vader ha ha ha

May The Force Be With You



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