If you are like me, it’s the little touches that make my spa experiences so special. But when you think about how easy they are to recreate, why not bring that spa feeling to your own home?

My top 3 Spa-tastic DYI’s:

1- The ice cold lavender towels:

Chill Out… If you are feeling stressed, hot or you’re just want to relax, then make your own chilled towels. All you need is some washcloths, your favorite essential oils and some Tupperware.

Lavender Chilled Spa Towels essential oils Fill your sink with water, add few drops of oil, give it a whirl with your hand and then add a stack of wash clothes. Give em a squeeze to get rid of excess water, roll them up, bung em in a Tupperware and place them in the fridge. VOILA! I also like to make an extra cold version in the freezer for when I’m taking a hot bath.

2- Essential Oils

Another favorite thing of mine when visiting a spa is the deeply soothing scents. This can be recreated at home with a diffuser, adding to a hot bath/shower or I simply dash some oil on my pillow case.

Essential oils have so many benefits, from antibacterial defense to pain/stress relief and emotional therapy. Just taking a long whiff of oil can improve your mood.

I also like to buy essential oils from different places all over the world, just smelling them transports me back to that destination. I bought some Rose oil from this spa in Morocco and can’t help but smile at the memories when I smell it.

My go to 5 essentials oils are:

Rose: Helps with all stress issues

Lavender and Chamomile: Soothing, medicinal, calming and great for sending you into a restful sleep

Marjoram: Relieves emotional pain and grief

Ylang Ylang: Releases anger and frustation

3- The spa water and herbal teas:

Make your own spa water or fresh hot or chilled tea

Again these are very easy to recreate at home. I use a fancy pitcher to make both of these but you can make yours in a mug or jug. tea infuser is designed to brew loose tea HOT or COLD. CHILL core filled with non-toxic gel, keeps beverages cool without diluting flavor

Herbal teas boost antioxidants, which help increase energy and improve the immune system. They are also known for calming anxiety, helping appease certain ailments and relaxation.

And get this, just because it’s tea does not mean you need to drink it hot! You can have your favorite flavors chilled too, keeping you feeling refreshed and hydrated. I’m currently on a no sugar diet and get very bored of just drinking water so I make a bunch of teas and chill them and hey presto flavored water.

So there you have it, spa-tastic treats in the comfort of you own home.

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