Emily and Coco, known together as the ‘Tropical Roses’, both suffer from wanderlust, and have travelled to remote, weird and wonderful places from a very young age. Never accused of just being pretty faces, these highly educated, creative individuals are most inspired under water where silence and concentration are akin to meditation. Communicating subsea in sign language and on land in their own Franco-Spanglish dialect is what makes these sisters unique.

Passionate about marine conservation, preservation and education, the Tropical Rose’s would like to heal the world one dive at a time. They are always trying to find ways to make diving eco neutral and sustainable.

These two caliente sisters are sure to get it sizzling. Born to international mixed heritage parents in London, these global sisters have always been Tropical Roses. Staying in one place for too long was never the plan…

There is no stopping these golden water babies!

Video created with my good friend @crimebydesign in mind. Video edited by Brittany Creel – MediaSoup

Now to flip this post out of weird talking about ourselves in the third person!!!! We are each others best audience and keep their abs tight by the constant laughter.


And just in case you wanted to plant your own Tropical Rose ha ha ha YOU can! We exist in plant form by the name of Tropical Rose Canna! 

Tropical Rose Canna Description: 

Spectacular rose colored blooms are held above lush foliage. Provides a tropical flair to the garden all summer-long. All-America Winner. Clusters of large, exotic blooms on strong stems can be grown in just 90 days from sowing under warm conditions. Dwarf form is ideal for mass planting, attractive in low beds and borders. Beautiful when featured in pots and window boxes, perfect on patios and terraces. In cold climates, lift bulbs in fall. Perennial.


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