Lamu Island is one of those special places that belongs in the pages of Haute Living Magazine.

It’s one of those “if you know, you know” topics of conversation that get’s you the nod of approval and surprise you even know about it look.

Many powerful and known figures vacation or have homes here, but you know the saying, “Money Talks, Wealth Whispers” so I’ll keep their names on the D L. Obama did recently publicly say “Lamu is a place I would be interested in visiting again, it is top on my list. I went there with Michelle after our engagement and I remember taking the dhow to fish, and cooking the fish right at the beach, it was remarkable,” The Roses look forward to meeting you and the family at the Peponi for a Samosa and Old Pal.


People have different definitions of Luxe and what they look for. But after 9 years of living in a sometimes soulless city like Los Angeles , for me Luxe is:

Luxury is History

Luxury is Culture

Luxury is enriched architecture

Luxury is no cars

Luxury is time off work and spending it with family

Luxury is having to get on 4 planes and 1 boat because your destination is so remote

Lamu Island is a part of the Lamu Archipelago of Kenya. It’s town is home to the Lamu Fort, located on the seafront and built in the early 1820s. Lamu Old Town is one of the oldest and best-preserved Swahili settlements in East Africa.

Built in coral stone and mangrove timber, the town is characterized by the simplicity of structural forms, inner courtyards, verandas, and elaborately carved wooden doors.

There are no roads on the island, just alleyways and footpaths so this means NO CARS! Woop. You move about on foot or by boat, and donkeys are used to transport goods/materials.

Manda Toto Island

Just off the northeast coast of Manda is Manda Toto Island, a stunning and secluded beach.

Discover what else Lamu has to offer by dhow sailing to Manda Toto Island. Make sure to converse with your captain and crew as Lamu has a long history related to dhow sailing with lots of stories to go with it!

While we went for a walk to explore this new land, the boys on the boat cooked us the most delicious lunch. Freshly caught fish bbq’d on the dhow; All accouterments grated, cut and seasoned to perfection from scratch.


If you are children of the sea like me and my sister Coco, this snorkeling trip is sure to awaken all your tropical senses.

Make sure you come back next week for part 2 of our Lamu adventure.

Catch a glimpse of daddy’s garden house and come play with us in our rented private home.

Sail with us on a Sunset Cruise and catch jokes with us, the Tropical Roses whilst we mono-ski.

And most importantly, peep the reason we are all gathered in this special place, my father’s 70th birthday! Now he is an incredible man, with an incredible story that I love hearing time & time again. Je t’aime papa



  1. Joseph Clay

    Well said Emily! It is an amazing place so glad you got to be with your family to celebrate your Dad’s 70th! Your family will always be in my heart  living there 188 Hammersmith grove!! Great times they were! Give my love to your parents!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

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