In case you missed it, me and my Tropical Family went to visit my pops at his house in Lamu, Kenya,  for his 70th birthday!

I talked of this beautiful city’s architecture and our fun day out snorkeling and discovering new lands so now to share where we stay.

Lamu- Moon Houses -emilyrosetvLamu Island is perfect for our family as my father lives in stunning home the he leases and his place is connected (literally connected by a bridge) to the home we always rent “Full Moon”. The Moon Houses are privately owned and have another 6 properties, built in pure Swahili Style and furnished with antiques.

The Full Moon house was actually named by nocturnal fishermen for its guiding glow and daddy’s House Garden (above) resides in Shela’s largest garden.

One thing is for sure, there are enough mirrors for endless selfies… As you can see by Coco’s gallery.

The Moon Houses are the legacy of famous flying doctor Anne Spoerry, also known as Mama Daktari. Please visit the local medical organization that is set up in her honour, Sailing Doctors.

Lamu, Kenya, The Roses

Talking about sailing, we had a stunning sunset cruise to start the celebrations of my incredible father’s birthday.


Lamu really is a magical place, a place extremely close to my heart and somewhere I visit as much as I can. It’s the perfect mix of Africa, Luxury, Culture, Aristocrats, Hope and Adventure. It’s kid friendly too which is a major bonus for the Roses.

Lamu, Kenya, The Roses


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