Friday-Sunday: Skiing In Mammoth, California

If you’ve never experienced LA when it rains, you’re missing out on the best part: The snow! I was having a drink Wednesday night watching the rainfall and I remembered that when it rains in LA that means it’s snowing in Mammoth. One quick look at the Mammoth App confirmed 27 inches of snow!!! Got straight on my favorite car rental app Skurt and booked an SUV for our impending 5 hours drive to the mountain. There are many reasons why I love Skurt, it’s very user friendly, always has great cars on offer and the icing on the cake, they drop off and pick up the rental. No having to trek all the to the airport to grab it and have to deal with busy offices, they come to you with friendly specialist that check you in and out in less than 10 minutes!

Monday: Tennis lesson at Beverly Hills High
 I hate going to the gym and I’m not the person who enjoys repetitive workouts. With tennis, I see improvement after each lesson and turns out, its a stress reliever! Sometimes, I’m practicing with my instructor and I’ll start smashing balls back to him, suddenly realizing the stress I had built up from my day. I choose to start up tennis last year, as I’m very competitive (mostly with myself), I love doing activities where I can self improve and it’s great for the arms! I also LOVE a tennis outfit and have been known to rock up to lunch in one (even if i haven’t played tennis!)
emilyrosetv tennis
Tuesday: Brazilian Butt Training
The trainer for this is from Brazil, and like most Brazilians, he’s obsessed with butts! Very needed for me to keep this bum from defying gravity and keep it lifted, so I do this workout weekly.
Wednesday: Pilates
A few years ago, a friend of mine said she thought that Pilates wasn’t a real workout but was going to give it a go. Two months later she can to me mega ripped! I obviously had to give it a go and I love it! Pilates, though slow paced, targets EVERYTHING! You sweat like crazy and all of your muscles have been put to use.
Thursday: REST DAY!
Friday: Horse Riding- Show Jumping
I completed my week by picking up something I loved when I was younger, show jumping! I used to ride horses and compete, until I got interested in boys haha and had more fun going out so didn’t want to put in the time and effort to train.
emilyrosetv show jumping
I also let my fear get the best of me, when I was younger, I was so fearless. I would fall and just bounce back up and hop right back on my horse without a second thought. As adults, when something that may hurt us is in motion, like a car crash or fall, our bodies deals with the fear by tensing up. This is what causes breaks and serious injuries.
Two year ago I started to lease a horse at The Burbank Equestrian Center, the stunning Willow and she was the first part of me getting back in the saddle I would like to think I am over my fear of falls, so I’ve made show jumping one of my new year’s resolutions.
emilyrosetv horse riding willow

Weekend- Absolutely fuck all apart from taking an international flight

Get fit with me… Join me on any of these activities next time, email me and i’ll tell you when and where I’m doing them xoxo

Love, Emilie Lightning Rose

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