Most people have a signature scent they wear, I technically have two. Most evenings
I’m cloaked in both scents, never knowing when someone says you smell so good, if it’s about my perfume or “my eau de Ganga” that tends to follow me around.
But for obvious reasons, we’ll concentrate on the one that comes from a bottle today.
My best way to describe the scent is that delicious aroma you get when you are cooking sugar cookies, delicious cake or when eating cotton candy. That fresh out the oven, sugar oozing, mouth watering whiff. That let me just taste the icing real quick while no one is looking smell.
Now mix that with your favorite stripper’s vanilla perfume they all seem to wear and BINGO you have Pink Sugar By Aqualina.

So there you have it, Pink Sugar to me = Fresh out the oven goodness laced with a dirty, slutty bite to the sweetness.
Ironically enough, my favorite rock song that I enjoy watching strippers pole dance to is “Pour Some Sugar On Me” by Def Leppard
The only other perfume this can be compared to is Love By Kilian “Don’t be Shy”, which is a lot more expensive.  But you can smell the money in it’s deeper marshmallow tones, and the box and packaging for this is EVERYTHING, a great show piece for your dressing room.

I mean even the product description is rich and sexy: “It’s sweet (but not overly) and tender at first, a soft and sugared elixir mixed with the orangey delights of bergamot and neroli, warmed with caramel and vanilla. It’s almost nostalgic in some way…not an old fashioned feel but more like youthful exuberance which gains a gentle sensuality as it warms on the skin and the rose, jasmine and sweet notes combine. Love captures that sweet transition from innocence to worldly, but it never crosses the line into beat-you-over-the-head sexy territory. It’s a memory scent, somewhere between a young girl’s unicorn, rainbows and purple phase and her door slamming, love struck tirades…right in-between innocence and not.”
I cannot tell you how many compliments I get about both these perfume’s, shop them below.

Lots of love, Emily Lightning Rose

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